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Epona's Isle
My Customs



Epona is my pony alter ego! This custom of myself was made from a flat foot Snuzzle. I gave her a coat of gray acrylic, and rehaired her with green and white doll hair. I also added freckles to her using Applejack as a guide, and painted her eyes green.
Epona honors my Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English roots, which I am very proud of!


I hand traced her symbol using graphite transfer. Then I painted over the pencil lines using gold glitter. It was tedious and time consuming, but I am pleased with the result!


North Wind was inspired by a beautiful Upstate New York November sunset! I created her from a manky Sunbeam. I dyed her in red Rit dye, and replaced her streak with pink hair. I painted a winter scene as as symbol to help cover up a nasty permanent marker stain.




I made Java from an abused pony bride. I gave her a coat of brown acrylic, and rehaired her using blond curly doll hair. I painted a cup of joe as a symbol with steam going up her back.


Java pays hommage to my favorite elixer of the gods....COFFEE! I never would have recieved my Bachelor's degree wtihout it!


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