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Epona's Isle
Java Mochachino


Here she is! The first of the first! I created her from a sad Pony Bride. She is not part of the custom fodder gang, but was a pony I received in a lot about a year ago. She, like the gang, had been attacked with a marker, and had pink peace symbols all over her. She also suffered from horrible mane and tail frizz.

To create her, I removed all of the matted hair, and then painted her whole body a nice chocolate brown. Then, I painted a cream coffee cup as a symbol, and painted the steam, going all the way up her back. I also gave her a blaze on her forehead, (a tribute to Bubbles and Seashell! :-)

Java and her crowning glory!

I also gave her lovely brown eyes and a coffee bean on her cheek!



Here is a detail showing the steam going up her back. One thing you will notice is the abundance of HAIR this poor pony has! It wasn't intentional! The only hair I could find was this blond curly stuff, so that is what she got! I had originally wanted her to have long waves of creamy hair with reddish blond highlights...but oh well! It was my very first rerooting job...not bad huh? :-)