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Epona's Isle
North Wind

She comes running towards you through the snow, out of a winter sunset...


This is Northwind, the ancient winter pony. She was inspired by a feeling more or less. Last November, I was standing beside a road near my house at about 4 in the afternoon, just when it started to get dark. I live in the country, so there are lots of swampland, cornfields and forests nearby. I just happened to be looking across a cornfield, and at a forest beyond. All the trees were bare, and the forest was silouhetted black(sp?) against a magnificent red-orange sunset.The wind was blowing out of the north and it chilled me to the bone. For just a moment, I felt as though I were in another time and place. I envisoned being in a wild land, surrounded by wild and mysterious forest,at dusk. I imagined a stone manor or large house behind me, dark, but with warm yellow light in the windows. I pictured myself wrapped in a woolen cloak, and travelers were approaching from the woods on horseback. I was standing outside, and wanted to go back into the warm stone house. Then I "woke up". The whole feeling was very "Irish" to me. Hmmm. Maybe I read too much, or maybe I daydream too much, or maybe, just maybe, I felt a memory that could have been passed down to me by my ancient ancestors...who knows! Whatever it was, it was a wonderful feeling, wonderful enough to inspire Northwind.

*smirk!* I just love her haircolor! Her red hair is enough to make even Moondancer drool! :-)

Northwind is the first to emerge from the Custom Fodder Gang. She was a faded Sunbeam, with M.S. Written on her with Magic marker. I started out, (inspired by Peace :-)by giving her a red dyebath. My hopes was that her real colors would blend with the dye, and make a purple pony with red hair and an orange streak, but, the dye was too powerful and turned EVERYTHING red! Unfortunately, the magic marker was not covered. So, I kept her red hair, but removed her stripe and gave her a pink one from a very willing Sundance. I used acrylics and painted the winter scene on her rump as a symbol, and extended the symbol over into her side to cover the initials. The only thing I dont like is that I cut her pink stripe too short, so it sticks up in the air! I also need to go back and repaint her eyes, they have a red tinge to them and it looks like she was up waaayyyy too late last night! :-)


You'll have to excuse the dark pictures. I will try to get better ones. Here is a detail showing her symbol, dark winter trees against a red orange sunset.